GREEN MACHINE  Pre-order salad App        
Gategroup, WTCE Hamburg

Generation C already buys prepared foods and meals at the supermarket but crave a more enticing, upbeat, fresher, healthier and more engaging experience in-store with digital seamlessly integrated.

They take the time to understand benefit claims and reward design. For them, we created a Green Machine foodbot. A healthy pre-order salad app teaching Generation C travellers how to compose
their own nutritious salad on-the-go, consisting of their selection of macro as well as micro-nutrients: proteins, carbs, fat plus vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

“You can switch me on to create your perfect customized premium salad experience. Choose from fresh & healthy ingredients that contain all nutritious building blocks you need. Digitally fun to order, and physically good for you!”

How does it work?                     
1.   Select a base                              
2.  Add some carbs                         
3.  Add your proteins                     
4.  Top it off                                       
5.  Dress it up
6.  You’ve built your bowl

Base Salads
1.   Crispy Greens
2.  Sweet Roast
3.  Funky Fresh
4.  Raw Veggies
Pre-order concept.
Menu design.
Graphic design.
Packaging design.


Gategroup, WTCE Hamburg  

Turfsteeg 4A, Haarlem, NL

BTW-ID  NL002141630B79

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