FOOD GALLERY    Trade show concept - Food experiences for Generation C         
gategroup, WTCE Hamburg

In 2017, Gategroup presented a ‘Food Gallery’ showcasing innovative Food Experiences for global airline brands - BUT - specially developed for their Gen C passengers. B2C2B. All about Traveler Centricity and Tech. 

8 Food stalls & Botanical Bar

Green Machine
The Sweet Escape
Hungry Nomad
Signature Cuisine
All-day BreakFeast

8 Trends

Robotification & Connected Gen C
Over-the-top sweet indulgence
Next-Gen wholesome lifestyle
Bistro culture
From street food to:
Signature dishes by top chefs 
Bowls: healthy goodness in 1 go
24/7 Breakfast: shifting courses

8 Onboard Service Concepts

Pre-order Foodbot Salad App
Branded & unbranded Sweets
Superhealthy Salad brand
Premium sandwiches
Branded gourmet experience
BC & FC signature gastronomy
Absolutely One plate dish
Eat around the clock menu

Graphic design.
Packaging design.
Creative direction. Styling.
Project management.


gategroup, WTCE Hamburg  

Turfsteeg 4A, Haarlem, NL

BTW-ID  NL002141630B79

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