FOOD FESTIVAL    Trade show concept and execution
gategroup, WTCE Hamburg

Trade show booths are advertisements in 3D.
If you want people to look at your brand you will have to notice, be relevant, attractive, and offer a true experience.

Gategroup aims to be the most innovatiove airline caterer and retailer delivering better, and more engaging, contemporary onboard experiences.

Glocal Food Festival!

Food is a universal experience that brings people together. We understand that a truly great, culinary experience to share onboard will create more well-being and comfort.

8 Food stalls

La Cantina
Oops I dropped the cake!
Basil & Co.
Hungry Nomad
El Picoteo
Mad Bakers

8 Glocal culinary concepts

S+Latin American cuisine
Dessert lab
Middle-Eastern mezze
Italian classics
Guilty pleasure dudefood
Mediterranean tapas
Asian cuisine
All stuff Bread+Breakfast

8 Onboard service concepts

On-the-go snacks
Branded sweets
One plate dish
It. classics reinvented
‘Dude food’ burger brand
Pre-order tapas plate
Asian street food
One plate dish breakfast

Service design.
Graphic design.
Packaging design.
Creative direction. Styling.
Project Management.


gategroup, WTCE Hamburg

Turfsteeg 4A, Haarlem, NL

BTW-ID  NL002141630B79

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