KARMALIS INCOGNITO   So healthy, if they only knew...
gategroup, WTCE Hamburg

Healthy ánd fun
Kids Food brand

Co-created with one of gategroup’s USA health food suppliers we developed Incognito: a healthy, and fun kids food brand.

What type of food do kids love most? Yes: the sweet, fat, unhealthy ones of course: pasta, pizza, pancakes, desserts, etc. So we decided to be smart, and playfully fool them with:

Healthy food in disguise.  
Incognito product range:

•  Veggie yogurt
•  Cauliflower & beetroot crust pizza
•  Happy face wholegrain pancake
   lollipops with fresh strawberry dip
   No sugar or unnatural additives
•  Pumpkin based mac ‘n’ cheese

Product development.
Graphic design.
Packaging design.


gategroup, WTCE Hamburg

Turfsteeg 4A, Haarlem, NL

BTW-ID  NL002141630B79

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