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Addicted to coffee, super food, sports, or a healthy lifestyle? You are already biohackers without even knowing it...

To observe what is happening in the world, and thus, having good insight into the relevant trends that influence your business is one of the important pillars for building your company’s
future strategy.

Successful businesses start with understanding people.

Socio-cultural trends are essential for building a business strategy as these are long term trends and not shortlived hypes that come and go. The insights unlock creativity and serve as an under-standing of the progression of trends.
How these trends influence our lifestyles is an essential element in the process of product development.

In addition to general trends and developments, sector-specific influences play an important role.
Each domain has its own market and product trends.
Sectors such as food and beverage, fashion, interior and packaging design, f.i. Trends can overlap sectors as well.

We filter relevant, influential trends that are valuable to your business & market from a cross-industry perspective.

This is being compiled in a visual story of emerging trends. I address ‘design thinking’ and reveal secrets on how to achieve successful innovations.

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